Pastry Warmer or bread warmer or sponge machine is one of the most important equipment for you to have as a bakery entrepreneur. With this machine, you can display various breads and cakes that you sell in an elegant and hygienic look. The display is in the form of transparent glass, a kind of storefront, with heating equipment in it, making your cake and bread condition look neat and appetizing. Not only that, using pastru warmer will also increase the selling value of your bread. So, it’s no wonder that many bakery entrepreneurs, cake and sponge shops, cafe entrepreneurs, and restaurants use these products to display their merchandise. Well, if you are looking for a pastry warmer machine for your business, you have visited the right address. Because, we have provided various pastry warmer machine products which of course have high quality, not inferior to similar products on the market.

Type and Model of Pastry Warmer Machine
In appearance, there are two models of pastry warmer machines that we provide, namely round and slim shapes. Each of these displays has its own uniqueness and advantages. For a sleek shape, the look of the tool looks more elegant and tall. The capacity is also quite a lot, consisting of three levels. In fact, for this model, the basic part of the tool can also be used as a place to put bread, especially bread that is wrapped in advance. By using pastry warmer this model, you can display bread or sponge in large quantities.

Meanwhile, for pastry warmer with a rounded appearance, the shape is quite cute and funny, because the glass on the front of the tool looks more bulging. Pastry warmer this model does only consist of two levels. However, the design is able to accommodate bread with elongated size or bread with other unique designs, for example given a prick. Of course this makes the appearance of your merchandise more beautiful and unique. Because of the difference in capacity, of course there are differences in prices offered. The price offered for the slim form is slightly more expensive than the round shape. However, you don’t need to worry about this price problem. Guaranteed Our products remain more tilted than similar products on the market.

Advantages of Pastry Warmer Machine
Pastry Cake

There are many advantages that we provide for this pastry warmer machine product. One of them is the glass material used is quite thick, so it is not easily broken. In addition, the use of thick glass can keep the temperature inside and is not easy to get out. That way, the warmth of the bread will always be maintained. The door which is made of the same is also formed in a sliding design so that it is easy to open or close, either to put / take bread or clean this tool. Not only that, the handle that is used is also quite cool so it makes you and the buyer comfortable when using it.

This tool is also equipped with a temperature control device so that it can warm the bread as desired and the character of the bread itself. This temperature regulation system is also made with a system that can fill the room evenly. So, bread that is placed in any angle will still get the same temperature. Likewise, the temperature humidity in the engine. In essence, all the systems that we apply to our pastry warmer products can guarantee warmth, comfort and safety when opening or closing, to the hygiene of your merchandise.

There is one more advantage you can get by choosing our products that you will not get elsewhere, namely after sales services. This is a form of our service to ensure that our products are of sufficient quality. Although the prices we offer are very affordable, product quality remains number one. In fact, at this time, we provide discounts of up to 8% for each type and model of pastry warmer. It is a form of appreciation to you for the trust that has been given. So what are you waiting for? Please visit our store and get all the benefits of the pastry warmer machine.

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