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Bread Oven Or Gas Oven – The deliciousest bread found in softness and obtained from the perfect roasting technique. Presumably, this is a common principle in the bakery world. Perfect bread is usually not roasted which takes too long. Bread should ideally be baked with an upper flame and a lower flame that allows the bread surface to expand, resulting in suitable pores, and makes the bread structure soft. In conventional gas ovens, you cannot find the top fire feature because conventional type ovens work by heating the oven with a stove. This results in an uneven oven temperature on the oven surface and eliminates the upper fire heating function. As a result, conventional ovens can only bake a limited type of product and take longer production time.

As your bread production solution, Almergo Kitchen provides Automatic Gas Oven or commonly called Gas Deck Oven. Gas Deck Oven is a grill device that is equipped with upper and lower ignition settings. In addition, the Gas Deck Oven from Almergo Kitchen is equipped with an IC board that functions as a regulator of the solenoid valve in the combustor gas. The existence of this feature makes the Gas Deck Oven from Almergo Kitchen able to read temperature with 98% accuracy and control the relay in the gas hose, so the amount of gas released is more efficient and efficient.

Gas Oven From Almergo Kitchen Is The Best Solution

Gas deck oven from Almergo Kitchen uses electricity as a power source to turn on the circuit panel, lighters, lights and use gas as the main ignition source. Gas deck oven consists of several components. The term deck in question is the number of oven levels, while the tray is the number of baking sheets with a standard size of New Zealand 18 “or 40 x 60 cm. Oven gas decks are available in capacities ranging from 1 deck to 1 tray to 3 decks of 9 trays that you can adjust to your daily production capacity. By using the Gas Deck Oven from Almergo Kitchen, you will get the grill results that match your expectations. Soft bread with very attractive colors. So, what are you waiting for? If you want to develop your Bakery business, immediately contact our sales division to get free consultations and attractive offers.

Almergo Kitchen deliver bread oven machines & gas oven with various choices and sizes to suit your business and business needs. We sell some bread oven machines from various best brands in Indonesia, including Almergo brands (our own brands) and Getra. The prices we offer are very affordable with the best quality machines (can be pitted) and our services and aftersales that support you 24/7.

Almergo kitchen sells a variety of gas ovens from several well-known brands including astro, getra, sinmag, fomac and several oven with the best quality.

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