About the Dough Divider Machine
Dough divider machine is one machine that has an important role in a company or food industry, especially in the fields of cakes, bread, and snacks that have a unique shape. This dough dividing machine has the main purpose of dividing the dough that will be used with the same size and weight so that the same shape is found between each other. The use of this machine is needed in an industry that emphasizes quality in the sale of its products.

Just as human nature cannot do the exact same thing for a number of times, it is like dividing the dough in the same amount and size that makes the role of the machine bigger. Because the size and amount of dough produced will affect the selling price of the product. Therefore, we need a machine that can divide the dough in large quantities with the same size and weight. In a large scale company or industry, it certainly has the characteristics of the dough form to distinguish it from other products. So that it takes an exact process of dividing the dough so that the resulting size is exactly the same. So to give perfect results in dividing the dough, it takes a dough divider machine or a dough divider machine.

As with most machines, the dough divider machine also has several types that determine the capacity of its use in order to get maximum results. This machine is determined by the quantity of the mixture you want to produce. The greater the amount of dough used, the larger the machine that must be used. So that the quantity of dough owned affects the size of the machine used. In large industrial companies that have a production amount that reaches hundreds of kilos in one production must use a machine that is able to accept and lift the dough.

Similarly, in small amounts of dough or not hundreds of kilos automatically the machine used also has a smaller size. As the machine in general, the use of machines with large capacity that can load a lot of dough will also produce a large number of prints so that one of the things that affect this type of machine is the number of molds that can be produced. In small-scale industries, the machines used generally can print or can divide up to 30 to 50 molds in one batch. So that the prints have the same size and weight. Similarly, in large-scale industries can print more in one print. This is not separated from the minimum production limit so that the machine is needed in a fast way to produce it. In addition there are several prints with shapes that can be selected starting from round shapes, semi boxes, until the box can be chosen according to your wishes. However, before buying or using it, specify especially the desired shape so that it can divide the dough perfectly and in accordance with the wishes. The more forms that a machine can make, the bigger the machine must have. Automatic use of this machine is considered mandatory for a food industry that puts the same size and weight on each production.

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