Cake Showcase – Special Cabinets For Displaying Your Cake More Beautiful
Cake Showcase Prices – Try to imagine being a customer who comes and wants to buy at a bakery. They will certainly be more happy when visiting bakery with attractive and neat arrangement, right? Where all the various types of cake are arranged and displayed attractively, making it easier for them to choose and pick them up. That is why entrepreneurs in the bakery are obliged to have several cake showcases. The goal is of course to display all products, ranging from wet, dry, pudding, tart, and so on. Delicious and varied variants of cakes and unique forms are not enough. Also needed a place to sell that is clean, neat, and if you can have a good design. With the cake showcase, the customers who come will feel more comfortable because the product arrangement is pleasing to the eye. Different if you don’t use a special cabinet or showcase. Cakes and bread are only placed in a row on the table with cardboard containers or just bases. Of course other people will feel less confident about buying food that you sell because of doubt about the taste, quality and cleanliness.

Cake Showcase function
Cake showcase itself is available in several types according to their respective uses. We provide a place to put cake, including warm showcase, showcase cooler, and a normal temperature showcase. Each of these cabinets must also have various functions based on the type of cake or bread itself. For example, the warm showcase is used to display and put various types of fried or traditional foods. For example, like risol, arem-arem, spring rolls, pastels, pizza, pasta, sandwiches, and so on. The goal is to keep the food warm. Usually the type of food with basic ingredients of rice, meat, coconut milk and vegetables is stale faster so it needs to be always heated. Then for the showcase with cooler you can use it for various cakes with thick cream and pudding types, for example cheesecake, blackforest, gelatin, etc. If you put the food at normal temperature, it can easily melt and its shape becomes damaged. Therefore, cabinets with air conditioning systems are needed to keep the cake long lasting. Furthermore, for the room temperature or normal cake showcase, it functions to display ordinary bread which is more durable. For example, bread, cream sandwiches, brownies, muffins, donuts, and much more. You can also specify the cake showcase model between the counter or floor standing. For the counter type itself you can arrange various cakes in a horizontal position while the positions compose from top to bottom for the floor standing type. Not only that, our cake showcase is also equipped with a modern design with a sophisticated temperature setting system. There are lights as a decorator on the inside of the cupboard to make the cake look more attractive and appetizing.

Cake Showcase Excellence
The advantage of using this tool is being able to make your bakery or bakery arrangement very attractive. Various types of beautiful and delicious cakes will tempt customers more when they are arranged properly in a closet. This will also create the impression of luxury and classy even though the price is affordable. Made from high quality ingredients, the cake cabinet is dominated by glass. The goal is to be able to showcase cake collections. In addition, buyers can freely browse without having to always open and close the door. Glass material is also able to prevent bacteria from entering easily because of its solid surface. Unlike wood which has a fast moist and absorb air. This will make the food protected from uncertain temperatures around the room. Then also avoid dirt, dust, bacteria and germs that are flying everywhere. Of course the cake that is in the showcase will be much more hygienic than those set out just like that. Room temperature will affect the taste, shape and condition of food. The bacteria that stick will make the bread decay quickly or even come out of the fungus. Do not let customers find a cake with damaged conditions, not worth eating, or even expired due to you not using a cake showcase. The cake showcase not only makes the shop look more elegant and beautiful, the quality of food sold is always maintained. Because it is in an airtight cabinet and is regulated by a certain temperature system, the cleanliness, taste and aroma of the cake remain the same.

The following is a list of prices for cake showcases or display devices and cake displays in the Astro Machine Shop. With more affordable prices and better engine quality.

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