Bread slicer or bread cutting machine is a tool used to help human work, especially in cutting bread according to the desired size. This machine is specifically designed so that it can cut bread with high accuracy so that it does not damage the shape of the origin of the bread, moreover it is feared it will damage the inside of the bread. In addition, the knife used to cut bread is also not a knife, because if the sharpness is reduced, the slices will be damaged and not maximal. Therefore, a bread cutting machine was created with the right design and carefully calculated to avoid mistakes in cutting bread. Not all breads need this tool because cutting or slicing bread is only for bread. If you look at various bakeries, of course you can see neat slices of bread and the same size. It was the result of this bread slicer machine with cuts that were adjusted according to desire.

In a company or the bread bread industry this tool has a very vital role. Because not necessarily if using manual power can get good results and according to size between one another. Because if the size is not appropriate it will affect the selling value of the bread. Especially if there is an error in slicing because the blade is less sharp or there is a slope that is not the same when slicing will certainly cause its own problems. Therefore, the use of this machine in a company or bread industry will be very important.

The bread slicer machine has several variants that are adjusted to the capacity of the bread that you want to slice. The size of the bread and the quantity of bread you want to cut are some of the factors that influence the use of bread cutting machines in a bread industry. The size of the bread will affect the number of blades on the bread cutting machine and also affect the distance between the blades when cutting. The bigger the bread you want to cut, the bigger the machine you use. On these machines generally have more than 30 blades to slice bread into equal parts. Whereas in the slicing of the sponge which has a smaller size compared to the bread has less knife to give the right piece of the sponge.

Likewise in small companies, the use of a machine with a number of knives 30 with a general distance at each knife 12 mm is the basic standard used in slicing bread. Not only is the bread size a priority in choosing a bread cutting machine, but the quantity of bread sliced ​​must also be considered. In large-scale production, of course, using a machine that is able to cut bread perfectly at high speed so that the bread can be cut quickly and precisely. Even in the large-scale bread industry can produce thousands of bread that must be sliced ​​every day. That is why it takes a machine that has high durability and can work optimally for a long time.

The bread slicer machine has several important parts which are of course used to get a piece of bread that is perfect and the same between one another. The size of this piece of bread will later affect the price so that a perfect cut is needed. One of the most important parts of a bread cutting machine is the knife used where the knife must have maximum sharpness. Bread texture that is soft and easily damaged makes the knife must be made of special material and has the right thickness so that when cutting does not damage the shape of the bread. In addition there is a flexible knife cover that serves as a security operator in monitoring and operating the machine when cutting bread. A very sharp knife will be very dangerous if you don’t have special security for the operator who runs it. Not only that, this machine also has a special design that can adjust the size and number of desired pieces of bread produced. The size of the bread must be measured carefully to produce the same cut. Of course the number of pieces will be adjusted according to the number of blades that can be used in slicer bread machines.

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