Bread Proofer Machine – Today, bread is very popular with the wider community, especially in Indonesia. Besides being sweet and delicious, bread is also often used as an alternative to rice. Many people prefer bread consumption because it is considered to have lower calorie content, for example wheat bread. Because the more fans are growing, the businessmen in the bakery are not surprised. Making various forms and variations of bread alone is not enough to attract customers. As a reliable entrepreneur, of course you also think about how to make delicious flavors and textures. In the production process itself there are various types of equipment, such as mixers and ovens. But apparently there are also tools called bread proofer machines which have a big role in producing quality bread. This one machine is used during the proofing process or development. The aim is to make the dough to expand even more before being placed in the oven. You still need yeast powder in the mixture. Here the bread proofer machine is tasked with turning on and accelerating the growth of bacteria, both fermented in yeast. Then the yeast will quickly produce carbon dioxide in the dough so that the size becomes many times the original.

Actually the process of proofing or developing bread dough you can do in the conventional way. By adding yeast, the mixture is left for several minutes or even hours. But this method is very impractical and takes a lot of time. What’s more if you are a businessman and bread producer where there are so many orders that must be fulfilled on time. Therefore, the bread proofer machine is needed because the way it works is much more efficient. Besides bread dough can also expand faster with a perfect shape without changing the taste or aroma. We own sell proofer machines with quality brands. Equipped with advanced technology, temperature control and humidity so that it keeps the dough fresh. The development process with this machine takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes. With the right temperature of 30 to 40 degrees Celsius, proofing runs perfectly. Bread proofer machine also has a variety of different capacities, namely 15 trays one door and 30 trays two doors. If you want to be more practical and fast, you can use a capacity of 30 trays with two doors. In addition to fast time, you can also add more dough than the one-door proofer. Then the inside also consists of several shelves where the baking pan is placed. You can adjust yourself to the needs, whether you want to use a 15 or 30 pan machine. The machine uses electric power which will heat up the water and turn it into steam. That way the temperature inside the engine will rise and accelerate the dough to expand.

In order for you to produce the perfect type of bread, both taste, shape, texture, and aroma need a process that is not easy. Not only pay attention to the material but also the manufacturing stages. One of them is proofing where the mixture will wait until it expands. Bread proofer machine is made of quality ingredients, not easily rusty and can be used for a long time. With this material it is clear that the machine will produce delicious bread. Although its main function is to accelerate yeast fermentation by relying on temperature, it does not make the dough change flavor. You will still get bread with the same taste and aroma. Plus the texture of the bread will be softer and more supple because through the perfect proofing process. You can also minimize losses during bread making. Bread proofer machine can prevent failure when developing bread dough, for example dough is less soft, not chewy, and so on. This is because the machine has been equipped with temperature and temperature control technology automatically. So you only set the proofing time and the mixture will be fermented automatically. No longer need to wait because bread can be put in an oven for a shorter time. Although using practical methods, the machine does not change the taste on the bread. With the bread proofer machine, your business is selling well because there are lots of orders and buyers coming.

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