About Bain Marie Counter Tools
Price of Bain Marie Counter – is a tool that has the main function of heating food. In addition to heating food, this machine also has a function to display food. Usually many are needed by catering and fast food restaurants. Marie’s Bain counter is essentially a warmer and food displayer. There is another function that this tool has, namely, to melt frozen chocolate into liquid chocolate or often also known as chocolate melter. This machine has a sneeze guard feature that will keep food temperature maintained. Food will stay warm at the right temperature. The tool also has a thermostat feature. This feature will allow you to adjust the temperature of the food according to the desired temperature. Fast food restaurants can continue to keep their food long lasting and warm. The shape is very sylish, so if it is used to display food it will look very attractive. Made with stainless steel, so it will avoid rust. So you don’t have to worry about rust because food will be stored safely and hygienically on this machine. Stainless steel is a type of material that is very easy to clean. This machine will be very easy to clean regularly every day.

Using bain marie counter to display food sold, makes buyers more interested in buying it. Of course this is due to the shape and look of this tool is very stylish. Made of stainless steel makes it easier to clean so that there will be no scrubbing leftovers. The temperature control feature is available in each type of tool, making it easier for you to warm food according to the desired temperature. There is no need to worry about food going too hot or too cold so that it doesn’t suit what you want, because everything is in your control through the temperature control feature. This tool also has a temperature guard feature that will continue to maintain food to stay awake at the desired temperature. Food temperature will remain stable because this temperature guard feature will adjust the temperature changes that occur and stabilize it again so that the temperature is maintained. Food will always be delicious to eat because it is always at the desired temperature. Warm food will be more enjoyable to eat. Maintaining and displaying food is only enough with one easy-to-use bain marie counter machine.

Marie Bain counter is a tool used to warm food. Bain marie is commonly used for catering purposes, display food at fast food restaurants, or modern restaurants such as Padang restaurants, or restaurants that serve a variety of menu choices. This tool is made of stainess steel material so that it makes hygienic food, has a sneeze guard feature that keeps the temperature awake (several types of tools) and has a thermostat that can adjust the temperature according to your choice (some types of tools).

Here are the prices of bain marie or food warmers for catering, buffet, restaurant and other party events. With more affordable prices and superior engine quality. The display equipment and food warmers of the Astro brand can be matched with other brands.

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